Writing! Excitement! Things!

Monday is our seventh wedding anniversary, which is why we thought this week would be the absolute best time to launch what we’ve been working so diligently at, and praying for, for the last few years: our two new websites: TheOtherFifty.com and LoveMakesLifeSweeter.com

This week we will also be launching a new blog: Five Minute Christian where JT will be taking you from milk to steak in five minutes worth of reading. Each post will consist of a deeper look at testing everything and holding fast to what is true (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

We are excited to see what God has in store for this new chapter of our lives, and we pray you, our reader, will enjoy our work and find resources for your life.

LoveMakesLifeSweeter.com will be the new home for this blog and will be connected to our main website, TheOtherFifty.com, which was originally inspired by the statistic that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce. While it is no longer true that fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, the statistic isn’t the point, the desire to be the success story is.

As we have developed this idea, originally it was solely for marriages, but as we began to grow in it, we believe the other fifty percent can apply to everyone. (Fifty percent of church goers are actually Christ-Followers. Fifty percent of people who read the Bible apply it to their daily lives. Fifty percent of friendships are healthy. Fifty percent of people raised in church were truly discipled.) We will be adding new content all the time, so be sure to visit our site regularly. The best part? All resources on TheOtherFifty.com will be absolutely free to you! To us, it isn’t about making a profit, we fully believe God will provide our needs, our goal is for your life to thrive at its best. 

On TheOtherFifty.com you have the opportunity to join our newsletter, no we will not be clogging your email account like a Denny’s toilet, but you will be the first to know of new resources (aka: free e-books and more!)

Beth and JT

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