The Second Sunday of May

It comes around every year, the second Sunday of May, or more well known as Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Linda and my mother in law, Tanya. I love you both and am thankful for each of you more than you will ever know. Happy Mother’s Day to my sister, Kim who is one of the best moms in the world! And happy Mother’s Day to you, if you are a mom, mothers work harder than anyone else in this world, their job is non-stop and they don’t get the privilege of retirement (at least the care and concern aspect of the job!)

This is my first Mother’s Day, some may disagree that a miscarried baby makes you a mother. Maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t. I didn’t have the privilege to birth my baby, or have the opportunity to teach it anything. All years before, when struggling with infertility to become a mother, Mother’s Day had a different taste, bitter at times, but this year is different. I can’t explain it, I don’t really even know how I feel, numb? Sad? A little underwhelmed? I try not to dwell, mourning a holiday because of a child that was never meant to be seems a bit selfish, and definitely not healthy for my mind or soul. So this weekend I am going to try to celebrate the mothers around me, and decide to be happy.

Happy Mother’s Day,

A gift from my Mother the day I experienced my loss.



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    Very good forum post. Really Great. Muckel

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      Thank you!

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