Much of a Writer

My first blog post on our new site. If you’ve only recently started reading our blog, you’re probably thinking “I know JT’s married, but his wife must not be much of a writer” or believing I’m a behind the scenes kind of person; but, if know know us personally, you know that is quite the opposite. JT is normally the one behind the curtain while I’m front and center, and I have to admit, its been nice letting him be in the spotlight for a little while. Our blog, Love Makes Life Sweeter, and our website: The Other Fifty Percent is a fine mix between the two of us and although my husband and I have very different writing styles, I believe we compliment each other well.

So why have we had this new blog and website for several weeks and I’m just now posting? JT and I were just discussing this today, and my answer: I haven’t been inspired to write nor, have I had the desire to write. I did for a little while, but life was happening and I was just simply busy. When I wasn’t working there were meals to be cooked, dishes in the sink eager to be washed, and floors to be swept. Not to mention I was exhausted from work and just didn’t feel like sitting at my computer and trying to come up with something funny or profound.

I see it like sex. Follow me here. When you and your spouse, heaven forbid, stop having sex on a regular basis – whatever your “regular basis” is and for whatever reason (too tired, kids won’t leave you alone, you got into an argument and just haven’t felt like being intimate) at first you crave it, but eventually it can become the new normal and the thought of it alone can become a chore. I’ve been there. When I personally was experiencing this problem, I confided in a dear friend about it and she gave me the best advice: “The more you do it, the more you’ll want it and the easier it will be.” If you don’t do it, he can end up with prostate problems too, but we’ll save that for another post another time. It may be difficult to begin again, awkward even and you may end up being bad at it, but eventually, you’ll begin to crave it and it’ll be just like riding a horse (I know, bad analogy) but craving  again is what I’m hoping for in writing.

I’ve also started writing my first book, which when completed will be available for a free  e-book download on our website: But at the moment I am at a standstill and I find the entire thing a bit intimidating. I’ll keep you updated. 

In His Love,