Are You a Have Your Cake… or Eat it Too Person?


So which are you? We’ve all heard the familiar expression, its meaning that you cannot keep something, cherish it forever, and yet still enjoy all it has to offer. Cake, for instance, being beautiful to the eye, but tasty and delicious to the taste-buds. I think of the older Food Network television show, Ace of Cakes. The gang at Charm City Cakes spent long hours, and at times, even days making extremely detailed cakes for their customers; you would see the pain, sweat, and tears they put into the intricate designs, and at the end of most episodes you would see the customers cut into the artist’s hard work. Now, I need to tell you, I put myself in the “eat it too” category, always have and most likely always will be, and yet watching people cut into a cake that looks like the real microphone stand at the Grand Ole Opry, was horrifyingly hard to watch!

JT on the other hand is completely a one hundred percent “have your cake” guy, I would dare to go further and call him a “keep your cake forever until it’s hard and moldy” guy. Last week he and I went through our spare bedroom, you know the one most everyone has, the room you fill with everything you don’t know what to do with. As we were going through boxes and totes, JT reminisced as I chucked a lot of things he didn’t see into the big heavy trash bag! Another example with his permission: we have half a bag of bagels in our kitchen, which are getting ready to head south fast, I asked JT why he hasn’t eaten the remainder, his reply: “If I eat them, they’ll be gone”. I called him “Gir” for the rest of the evening (old school Nickelodeon Invader Zim reference). I digress.

Being married to a “have you cake” spouse, while being an “eat it too” person (and vice versa) can sometimes be hard on a relationship. While we have been married for a short seven years, JT and I have been together for thirteen, fourteen come November, and over the years we have learned how to be closer to a nice mix of the two. JT is now more likely to lick a little of the icing off the side that is closest to the wall, while I have learned to take a picture of  the cake before digging in.

So which one are you? What about your spouse? Are you the same, or opposite? I believe there can be a happy-medium person, someone who can enjoy both, but where’s the fun in that!? Comment below, especially if you and your spouse are like JT and myself, what are some things you do to help bring compromise into your relationship?

In His Love,