3 Reasons Why I Hate Clickbait…#2 is one of those numbers!

There is no end to how much I dislike clickbait. What is clickbait?  Those articles flooding your feed saying things like, ‘It was just a dad watching his son for the first time alone, what happened next shocked the world.’ Or, ’10 ways you’re ruining your career. I do #7 every day!’ Those are what is known as clickbait. Before you’ve even found out that Lenny Kravitz isn’t one of those celebrities who have ruined their good looks with drugs, they’ve already made their advertising money off of you.

In a list of 14 of anything, a random #17 in there anywhere will shock me.

So here is a list of 3 Reasons Why I Hate Clickbait.

1) It’s a cheap ploy for websites to sell advertisement without actually having to come up with any real content. – Content is what we are wanting to do, there is no reason to make things seem like they aren’t. For now, we aren’t even going to sell advertising, because it will take more resources to police them properly than what they are worth.

2) It uses common speech to make you think they are just trying to ‘help you out’. – It doesn’t really matter if the new skin care line was made by a house wife accidentally, the company that is selling it now is a major corporation trying to use a fake grassroots campaign to charge you $80 a bottle for it.

3) The lists are always awful and never insightful. What’s worse, you have to click a couple dozen times to get through the ‘slideshow’. – This creates a false sense of number of users to give an opportunity to make more ad money.  While from time to time, we will be making lists to share with people, we will always have everything available to you on that one page.  There will never be any reason to do anything else. Oh yeah, and we’ll try to make them actually useful.

A dozen clicks later, you find out its jaundice.  5 clicks after that, you find out the father already knew.

I know, I’m hating, right? Yes. I admit it. But one thing that I’ve noticed in my own internet usage over the last year or so, I’ve just stopped clicking on things. If I don’t feel like I can trust what is put right before me, I’d rather not even try to see how I can show my wife a new way that I love her, or have a chance to learn more about my God working in someone’s life.

That is why we want to make a solid statement right here, right now. We have a strong desire to make our own marriage as bulletproof as we can. We are going to stumble. But we are going to learn. We want to share our experiences so that others can know they aren’t alone. We want to build a community so we can all learn together. It’s not about money. It’s not about fame. It’s not about being perfect, but we think it’s about time.

My name goes here,


[Editor’s Note: The ‘articles’ referenced in this blog are based on real instances of clickbait, and the screenshots posted are un-doctored and very, very real. They are probably (for some reason) copyrighted material, and if you are an officer of a company directly affected and wish to no longer be mentioned in this blog, contact me, and I will remove the mention of your incredibly tedious work.]



  1. Pearline says:

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    1. JT says:

      I just wanted to let you know, I gogled it. It takes such an incredibly small amount of money to run these blogs and website. Also, we share and create information here in order to benefit the lives of others, share our lives, and foster a community focused on personal and spiritual growth. It’s amazing that you chose this specific blog post to put this comment on, because the clickbait you have on your blog points to paid services that give you monetary compensation that in turn promotes clickbait content to be created. No thank you, friend.

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