Are You a Have Your Cake… or Eat it Too Person?

So which are you? We’ve all heard the familiar expression, its meaning that you cannot keep something, cherish it forever, and yet still enjoy all it has to offer. Cake, for instance, being beautiful to the eye, but tasty and delicious to the taste-buds. I think of the older Food Network television show, Ace of…

Much of a Writer

JT is normally the one behind the curtain while I’m front and center, its been nice letting him be in the spotlight for a while.

The Second Sunday of May

It comes around every year, the second Sunday of May, or more well known as Mother’s Day. Happy Mother’s Day to my mother, Linda and my mother in law, Tanya. I love you both and am thankful for each of you more than you will ever know. Happy Mother’s Day to my sister, Kim who…

Writing! Excitement! Things!

We are excited to see what God has in store for this new chapter of our lives, and we pray you, our reader, will enjoy our work and find resources for your life.